What Do I Get My Man for Valentine’s Day?

It’s the holiday of romance and love and some girls forget that there’s more to it than receiving flowers and boxes of chocolates. You can’t forget to show the man you love that, well, you love him!

But he’s not as easy as you might think – he doesn’t care for chocolate, is unfazed by flowers, and if you were to hand him a teddy bear clutching a doily heart he might run for the hills.

Think outside the girl-zone and remember that there’s a good chance all your man wants for Valentine’s Day is YOU. So here are some clever – and sexy – ways to give it to him.

1.     Play Dress-Up. Every man’s fantasy involves his woman in some kind of getup emulating a particular female figure from pop culture and real life. Maybe he loves Star Wars and dreams of making out with Princess Leia. Or possibly the idea of getting down and dirty with a pirate maiden turns him on. What if his maid suddenly started to strip as she cleaned his kitchen?

These are all scenarios and characters that guys across the country love to fantasize about fornicating with – but often have to wait until Halloween to see their ladyfolk scantily clad in less-than-conservative costumes.

So this Valentine’s Day surprise him by answering the door wearing one of his favorite fictional characters and bring his inner-most desire to life!
2.     Cook. Every guy loves a good meal almost as much as he loves good sex. And it tastes especially delicious when he doesn’t have to do a damn thing in order to eat it. Find out his favorite food and have all the ingredients and recipes ready for the special day.

Surprise him with a home cooked meal and, if you’re feeling frisky, wear an apron and nothing else. That way he can watch your every move as your bend over, twist, and stir while making his special Valentine’s Day meal.

And keep in mind that dessert is everyone’s favorite part of the meal, so have something special planned. We’re thinking something with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and strawberries – and your body as the serving dish

3. Plan a Bedroom Adventure. Guys love to know when you’re thinking about them – especially when it involves sex. Knowing this is a special day to show your man how much you love him, why not open your mind and plan something intimate that he never would expect from you?

What’s his favorite sex position? Is there something he’s always wanted to try? Or better yet, maybe there’s a sex toy or tool that will rock his world in ways he never thought possible! Surprise him with a selection of the best sex toys that are made for couples to use together!

Couples rings can bring a fun buzz to the bedroom, making his nether regions look bigger and stronger while giving you both a vibration sensation that heightens your pleasure together.

Tease him with a spread of sex toys and other fun tools (flavored lube, massage oils, candles, feathers, etc.) and let him revel in the fact that you’ve clearly put some thought into what kind of naughty sexcapades you want to have with him.

Try a BongO, which features a vibrator and enhancement ring but also a little weighted ball at the bottom that will pay special attention so his extra sensitive zone each time he moves.

Or give the original award-winning Screaming O Vibrating Ring a go and see what all the Screaming is about? Because at the end of the day nothing will make him feel more like a stud than hearing how much you enjoy his…company.

4. Practice Kama Sutra

You’ve read about it, seen it in movies, and wondered if it’s really possible to contort into some of these positions. So why not actually try it?

Pick up a Kama Sutra for beginners book and set the scene (in bed, on the floor, wherever your heart desires) so when he gets home there’s nothing else for him to do except undress.

You’re both going into it as newbies so don’t be nervous and – most important – have FUN. Make each position a game, seeing if you can maneuver yourselves into each pose, and be sure to keep track of the ones you particularly like!

5. Give Him a Vibrating Massage

Everyone loves a good rub down and it can be one of the most intimate, romantic and sexual acts that a couple can do together. Have the usual tools handy – massage oil, candles, music – but try out some extra tricks that’ll kick his massage session up a notch!

The Screaming O FingO (or the FingO Glow, which lights up!) turns your entire hand into a vibrator and will help you soothe his sore muscles and titillate his senses at the same time!

The Screaming Octopus is another fun little toy that, when lightly brushed against the skin, sends quivers of sensation up the spine thanks to little vibrating “tentacles.” Tease him with one hand while you rub with the other – and be sure to veer off the “path!” He’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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